Bolsheviks at 100

Posted: December 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Thunder on the Right

BN-VZ458_satter_JV_20171106075436“The total number of [Bolshevik] victims is closer to 100 million. That makes communism the greatest catastrophe in human history.” David Satter

“A preliminary global accounting of the crimes committed by Communist regimes shows the following:

“The execution of tens of thousands of hostages and prisoners without trial, and the murder of hundreds of thousands or rebellious workers and peasants from 1918 to 1922

“The famine of 1922, which caused the deaths of 5 million people

“The extermination and deportation of the Don Cossacks in 1920

“The murder of tens of thousands in concentration camps from 1918 to 1930

“The liquidation of almost 690,000 people in the Great Purge of 1927-38

“The deportation of 2 million kulaks (and so-called kulaks) in 1930-1932

“The destruction of 4 million Ukrainians and 2 million others by means of an artificial and systematically perpetuated famine in 1932-33

“The deportation of hundreds of thousands of…

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