Are diversity and identity necessarily at odds or may they be understood to complement one another?

Posted: November 4, 2017 in Uncategorized


On listening to interviews regarding such issues as employment on bbcr4today the expressed aspirations always seem to be for greater diversity, it is unquestioned that it is positive good. To increase the percentage of women, gays, ethnic minorities seems on the face of it a straightforward matter of justice and fair play – equal representation, although it’s largely left unanswered what if eg there are more female clergy than male in the C of E?

This is a worrying aspect of the relentless pursuit of diversity per se. The presumption that there’s something deficient or lacking in a traditional ethnically homogeneous community, as eg schools in rural areas being marked down by Ofsted for not being diverse enough. Such value judgments ought clearly to be seen as reprehensible (but are they?) 

There is a doctrinaire push for multiculturalism, but what happens when the native British white population becomes themselves…

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