Jacques Barzun: The Deplorable Consequences of a Proud Achievement (20th Century emancipation and equality have destroyed law, morality, and true freedom)

Posted: May 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln

Ever since the end of the First World War the slogan has been “emancipation.”  The war itself “emancipated” millions of men and women by throwing them into the trenches or the factories, dislocating lives and conventions together.  Russian Communism then brought the Utopian hope of ultimate liberation.  Freedom became an absolute good that must be extended to everybody about everything.  Just as important, it must reign within the self.  The word inhibition turned pejorative and accusatory.   . . . . 

Deliberate emancipation began in matters of sex.  Divorce was made easier and lot its stigma; “companionate marriage” (another American innovation) prepared the way for overt premarital sex; the teaching and technology of contraception gained momentum; and abortion was legalized.  This so-called sexual revolution emancipated women even more fully than men, and a radical change in the idea and status of women, twice fought for in earlier times, now succeeded:…

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