Neither Washington nor Berlin

Posted: May 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Free Life

By D. J. Webb

The old Trotskyist chant, regularly rolled out on posters at demonstrations some of us can remember, was “neither Washington nor Moscow”. I’m going to argue that in the present day the real task is to avoid alignment with either Washington or Berlin, and that, in fact, an alliance with Moscow is in the interests of our country.

We like to imagine that we are America’s top ally in Europe, and indeed in the world. This belief is somewhat lazily founded on the ethnic relationship between the Anglo-Saxons of America and Britain, but national policy in both countries is (foolishly) explicitly aimed at removing that Anglo-Saxon cultural and demographic foundation and replacing it by a “multicultural society”. If we needed any hint that America’s foreign policy is not based on Anglo-Saxonism, it is there in plain sight: for decades, an anti-Anglo-Saxon hysteria has seized hold of US…

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