Wi-fi tracking versus Privacy

Posted: January 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Information Strategy

I’m going to write about my thoughts of wifi-tracking technology in stores. The wifi-tracking technology allows the retail managers to see how many people visit their store. Stores are now able to track mobile devices. These devices constantly are searching for a wifi-connection. While searching for this connection, the devices send MAC-addresses (each MAC-address is linked to a specific customer and has a specific 12-digit code that helps routers to send data to the right recipient) out which are being host by the tracking hardware.

This technology has great benefits as it enables managers to measure customer loyalty. It is even possible to measure their walking routes through navigation functionalities and how long they stop at a certain product. They can also see how many employees they need to schedule. This technology enables managers to make better purchase, marketing and inventory planning decisions. Due to this technology, it is now…

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