Another text on the Thirty-Nine Articles: “Elements of Christian Theology”, vol. 2, by George Pretyman Tomline

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


This weekend I came across yet another text on the Thirty-Nine Articles, and this one, Elements of Christian Theology, is different in that it is Volume 2 of a larger theological work by George Pretyman Tomline, who was Bishop of Lincoln and then Bishop of Winchester.  He is also High Church and Laudian in his approach to doctrine, and it is striking to me that in this work, first published in 1799 (though this edition is a version published in 1843 with annotations by Henry Stebbing), the author is quite consistent with more reformed expositors of the Articles in how he views Article XXII.  For example, this is what he says about “invocation of the saints”:

A very little inquiry will convince us that there is no foundation whatever for this doctrine in Scripture. We are commanded to offer our prayers to God through Christ alone. ‘There is…

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