The importance of sleep

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tim Chester

One of the things I stress in my book on busyness is the importance of sleep. We are finite creatures and we need to accept our finitude. One key aspect of this is our need for sleep. It’s very easy for Christians to spin rhetoric about the merits of getting up early to pray or staying up late to study. But to resist our God-given need for sleep is to reject our finitude and think we can be gods. God gave us 24 hours each day and the need for sleep. If you feel the need to cut back on sleep so you can do more then you’re trying to do more than God expects of you. The question is Why?

Here is my favourite kind of article – one that confirms my prejudices! It highlights research that shows that cutting back on sleep is bad for us.

The Busy Christians…

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