Documentary: Martyred in the USSR

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thunder on the Right

Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union

By Jamie Glazov, FrontPage.Com, March 19, 2013 

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Kevin Gonzales, the producer of a new upcoming documentary, “Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet martyrUnion.” The estimated release date is at the end of 2013 and you can view the trailer and get more information on the documentary at

FP: Kevin Gonzales, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Tell us what your new documentary is about.

Gonzales: Martyred in the USSR is a documentary about religious persecution, brought on by militant atheism in the former Soviet Union. The film dives into the personal and tragic stories of those who survived the persecution and the history behind it. We’ve only gotten a hand full of testimonials so far and their stories alone are very gut wrenching. One story we have tells of a father who was taken…

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