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(WHNT) – Recently a slew of petitions popped up on a government-run website asking for individual states to secede from the US.  

The petitions range from hundreds to thousands of signatures.

Though practically, the numbers aren’t that important.

Athens State University History Professor Dr. Sean Busick explains, “Certainly right now the talk of secession truly isn’t feasible.  At least, I perceive it to be a protest.”

But internet secessionists are just the latest breed in a long line of American secessionist movements.  

Dr. Busick notes the movements aren’t that uncommon, “Countless small ones.  A handful of big ones though.  You can make the case that the American Revolution was a secessionist movement.”

That’s right; the country was born out of its own type of secession.

And it didn’t stop there.

Dr. Busick explains, “The first major secessionist movement after that though would have been in New…

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