Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thunder on the Right

”Is it really fair to suggest he [Barack Obama] may be a Marxist? Or was there evidence for it all along? Well, consider the words of John C. Drew Ph.D., a man whom writer Paul Kengor [Grove City College professor] calls ‘Obama’s Missing Link.’ A contemporary of Obama’s at Occidental College three decades ago, Drew says that he himself was a Marxist at the time—and part of Obama’s inner circle. And what does he reveal? Obama was an ‘ardent’ Marxist-Leninist’ who ‘ was in 100 percent, total agreement with [his] Marxist professors,’ said Drew. “ Selwyn Duke, The New American, January 23, 2012, p. 21.

“When Drew discussed politics with Obama in 1980, Drew says that in Obama’s view, ‘America was definitely the enemy, and American elites were the enemy, and whatever America was doing was definitely wrong and bad. He thought that perhaps the Soviet Union was misunderstood, and…

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