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Sewanee Friends of the Abbeville Institute

2012 Abbeville Institute Summer School

Seabrook  Island, South Carolina
July  22-27, 2012

TOPIC: In  the long run of history, any civilization is best known by its literature. We  could hardly know Rome without Virgil, Elizabethan England without Shakespeare,  or 19th century Britain without Austen and Dickens. It may be that  in that long run of history, the immensely rich heritage of Southern literature  will be seen as the most important and enduring product of America. The South’s  great creative writers also illustrate the long-lasting and distinctive culture  of the South and preserve what is true and good in that culture.

We continue for the  third season the examination of that rich literary heritage. A special event  this year will be readings by two of the outstanding Southern poets, David  Middleton and James Kibler. Besides Southern poetry, the War between…

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