Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Churchmouse Campanologist

The situation in the Western world regarding taxpayer-funded advocacy groups has gone too far.

It is time for me to add my small voice to opposing their one-sided bias — which I and millions of others are forced to pay for.

This post concerns government funded ‘research’ into marijuana versus tobacco.

But it could just as easily be about vegetarianism versus meat-eating. Or natural soft drinks versus fizzy drinks. Or fruit versus doughnuts. Or cycling versus the motorcar.

It’s all about social engineering.

Part of that will be in tandem with the United Nations’ Agenda 21. It will also be about moves since the late 1960s to criminalise bourgeois tobacco and alcohol in favour of legalising dope and other currently illicit drugs.  Read social fora in the West. There are quite a few people who, even though they were students back in the day, think this is a great idea.

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