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Figure 1: Egyptian protestors at Tahrir Square during the anti-Mubarak protests, 1 February 2011. How many exactly are Islamists, and how many Moderate Muslims; how many are anti-Copts, and how many are friends with the Copts. (Mohammed Abed/Getty Images)

ONE QUESTION has so far begged an answer: How many Egyptians exactly are extreme Muslims and how many are moderate Muslims? Hitherto we, as Coptic nationalists, have been reluctant to play the numbers or ratio game. Many Copts, however, have been sure from the outset that the majority of Egyptian Muslims were fanatic Muslims – they felt the racial and religious discrimination at every walk of their lives – at the hands of Muslim children at schools, colleagues at work, and the mobs on the streets of Egypt. This feeling was intensified even further by the failure of successive governments of Egypt in curbing the anti-Coptic elements in Egyptian society –…

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