Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Скрипучая беседка

My co-worker (who will remain unnamed), native of a Middle Eastern country (which will remain unnamed), was receiving congratulations with the birth of his first child, a son. His wife is a natural-born American, let’s call her Gina; both are college-educated urbanites bearing no exterior difference in the way they dress or behave from a normal 35+ NY crowd.

They followed typical American rituals of expecting parents: had a lavish baby shower, the co-worker was present at his wife’s 12-hr labor; had pictures of the baby taken and sent via smartphone to the office email. This morning, when he came back after a week’s absence, all office’ female population (85%) was cooing over the pictures and plying the new father with questions. I asked one, too. “How did you name him?”

-Seif al-ad-Din, Sword of the Faith, – was the answer.

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