Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Europe and the Faith

In neo-Calvinist political thought the notion of subsidiarity has often been rejected as a typically Roman Catholic notion deemed too hierarchical. Abraham Kuyper proposed in stead the notion of sphere sovereignty, which, though not devoid of hierarchy within the spheres itself, sees no hierarchy among the different spheres. In this article I will argue that in this age of globalisation the protection offered by the application of sphere sovereignty does not suffice to protect the common man. It is in the combination of the principles of sphere sovereignty and subsidiarity that sufficient protection can be found. If, furthermore, we understand subsidiarity as it was understood by such neo-Thomists as Jacques Maritain, we come to understand that it is not overly hierarchical. I do not intend to provide an exact model for the application of subsidiarity within the framework of the European Union, I do plead for an honest appreciation of things national…

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