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Thunder on the Right

“Previous civilizations have been overthrown from without by the incursion of barbarian hordes.  Christendom has dreamed up its own dissolution in the minds of its own intellectual elites.  Our barbarians are home products, indoctrinated at the publicexpense, urged on by the media systematically stage by stage, dismantlingChristendom, depreciating and deprecating all its values.  The whole social structure is now tumbling down, dethroning its God, undermining all its certainties.  All this, wonderfully enough, is being done in the name of health, wealth, and happiness of all mankind.”  Malcolm Muggeridge, The End of Christendom (1980), p. 17, 18

“A tourist is beaten in Baltimore.  Young people surround him and laugh.  He’s pummeled, stripped and robbed.  No one helps.  They’re too busy taping it on their smartphones.”  Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal, April 21-22, 2012, p. A15

“Groups of teenagers swarm into stores, rob everything they can, and…

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