Whitsunday Hymn

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Uncategorized


  1. Come down, Creator Spirit, find

    A harbour in thy people’s mind;

    With grace celestial consecrate

    The heart of clay thou didst create.

    Thy very name is Comforter,

    The highest gift the skies confer

    The flow of life, the fire, the love,

    The unction poured from God above.

    Thou finger stretched

    from heaven’s throne

    Whose touch is sevenfold benison;

    Thou Promise of the Father, rich

    In sudden dower of golden speech;

    Infuse our soul with kind desire,

    Our senses light with shining fire;

    Confirm with lasting hardihood

    The cowardice of flesh and blood.

    Bring peaceful hourse, and banish far

    All enmities that augur war.

    With such a guide to go before

    No hurtful thing can harm us more.

    Make through thyself the Father


    Reveal the person of the Son,

    And grant a constant faith, to see

    Their Spirit equally in thee. Amen.

    (Ninth Century Latin hymn, trans. by Austin Farrer)

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