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Voices from Russia


I climbed on the podium for journalists and looked around. In the beautiful spring weather, people filled the broad street in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour as far as one could see. There were thousands, tens of thousands, many more than the expected 25,000. Police eventually counted 65,000, but even if there were less people (probably there were less), still, never-ever have I seen so many Orthodox Christians gathered in one place. There were church banners, Russian Imperial black-golden-white flags, flags of the Church-leaning pro-Kremlin Georgievtsy youth group, and of an extravagant “Holy Rus” movement… I saw these flags at a pro-Putin rally. However, no posters, except one with a quote from a popular Civil War-era song, “Stand up for the faith, ye Russian land!” Most of the people were just your normal church-going crowd, quiet and concentrated.

I have to confess that I…

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