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Voices from Russia


On Sunday, the RFMVD reported that about 65,000 Orthodox believers gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow as part of a nationwide prayer action in defence of the faith and desecrated holy places. Earlier, the MP estimated the number of worshippers at the event at 50,000. MP First Hierarch Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev served liturgy in at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in downtown Moscow, during which he urged believers to take part in the nationwide prayer action outside the Cathedral “for our faith, for our Church, for our holy things, and for our Motherland”. His Holiness hoped that the prayer action would “multiply our spiritual strength” to fight faithlessness.

Led by Patriarch Kirill, bishops and priests prayed together with Orthodox believers in front of holy relics outside of the cathedral, including ones recently desecrated by vandals. Anton Alyalichev, a participant in the action…

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