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James Durham Thesis

One encouraging sign in the reformed world is the continued publication of a number of thoughtful journals.  To highlight some recent publications:

Mid-America Journal of TheologyMAJT Volume 22

Volume 22 (2011) recently arrived.  This journal is always helpful, as any publication with regular contributions from Cornelis Venema and Mark Beach is likely to be.  Two particular articles to highlight.

“In This Way All Israel Will Be Saved”: A Study of Romans 11:26 by Cornelis P. Venema.  Worth a careful read in entirety the article concludes that Paul taught “the future ingathering and conversion of the people of Israel.”

Calvin’s Treatment of the Offer of the Gospel and Divine Grace by J. Mark Beach.  This is a helpful article concluding that “Calvin is not squeamish about using offer language … in addressing the matter of the offer of the gospel to sinners, thus to elect and non-elect alike, Calvin does not…

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