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A very wise brother in Christ told me something that I really needed to hear.

First let me tell the reader what happened and the effect it had on me.  A few days ago, I created a Facebook group titled “Stop Transgender Indoctrination of our Children.”  Within a day the group had over 200 Christians who had joined.

Then today, the group got this message:

The group has been shut down by Facebook.

Anyone who has been following my articles of late, have most likely seen that this transgender indoctrination of little children has really done me in. I’ve laid in my bed talking to God and asking Him how He could allow this. The little children Lord!  How can this happen?

Large millstones hung about a person’s neck and drowned in the depth of the sea keep coming to mind.

The words of my brother in Christ

It was…

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Auch an diesem Wochenende benahmen sich moslemische Armutsmigranten im Baden- Württemberischen Raum Reutlingen wieder einmal total daneben. Sexattacken, ein aggressiver schießender Türken- Hochzeitskorso und Prügeleien auf offener Straße prägten das Wochenende in dieser unter Überfremdung le…

Source: Errneut zahlreiche Sexattacken und Gewaltausbrüche durch Moslems im Raum Reutlingen

Kafir Crusaders

Muslim imam Kamran Hussain who preached at a charity funded, Stoke on Trent mosque has been found guilty of supporting ISIS. The islamic radical cleric was recorded by undercover police officers giving several hate filled sermons to members of Stokes Muslim community  praising ISIS and telling young children that martyrdom is the best thing they can hope to achieve.

You don’t hear of priests, rabbis or other religious leaders from any other faith preaching hate and murder. Yet there are countless Muslim clerics doing exactly that up and down the UK.. Preaching radical Islam seems to be the norm for most mosques.

Its time now for the government to start putting their foot down and saying enough is enough to Islamic mosques and institutions and start finding out whats going on in these placesTo Muslims who have been brain washed by Islam since birth. Religious figures like Kamran Hussain are held…

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My Meals are on Wheels

My Grandma made the most delicious pork roast. Seriously, she roasted it in a very slow oven, surrounded with sauerkraut and chunks of potato and I kid you not, I could munch on that roast all day long. At first, I did not like the sauerkraut…but it became like moss on the North side of […]

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Lost For Over a Century

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Almost Chosen People

I once sent the government a check for some $35,000.00 to pay estate tax on behalf of a client.  The check was lost for several months by the Feds.  At the time I recalled this historical event:

Robert E. Lee was an advocate of reconciliation after the Civil War.  This was demonstrated by his application for a Presidential Pardon on June 13, 1865, high confederate officers having been excluded from President Johnson’s general pardon and amnesty of May 29, 1865 and being required to appeal directly to the President.  Lee wrote:

Being excluded from the provisions of amnesty & pardon contained in the proclamation of the 29th Ulto; I hereby apply for the benefits, & full restoration of all rights & privileges extended to those included in its terms. I graduated at the Mil. Academy at West Point in June 1829. Resigned from the U.S. Army April ’61. Was a…

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