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Richard Radcliffe is doing everything in his power to free his wife, and everyone in his position would do the same. Tulip Siddiq took a very partisan tone in the Commons when she had a go at Boris today for his sloppy language a week ago in front of a Select Committee. Be in no…

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Their crime is that they pretended to be a family when one of the four won the Diversity Visa lottery! Before I give you the story, the first thing I thought of was the huge family reunification fraud revealed back in 2008 when the State Department shut down the so-called P-3 program when they found […]

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Russia & Bolshevism

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Meanwhile in occupied Crimea, Putin’s KGB/FSB successors honour tyrants Lenin and Stalin ahead of commemoration of Bolshevik Revolution. (via Oleg_Msk‏ @apollo_next – Крым. Реалии)

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Coke has rolled out an upbeat commercial in Saudi Arabia, celebrating King Salman’s decree that allows women to drive. The minute-long spot opens with a father and his daughter switching seats so that she is driving. And it soon becomes clear that he’s going to give her driving lessons.

Soda consumption has been linked with diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, and tooth decay. Cola beverages, in particular, contain phosphoric acid and have been associated with urinary changes that promote kidney stones.

Human feces were found in Coke cans in bottling plants. The night shift at a Coca-Cola plant was disrupted when a container of cans clogged up the machines, only for workers to discover a number were filled with human waste! It was absolutely horrible, and the machines had to be turned off for about 15 hours to be cleaned. 

Some migrants have made that long journey in the lorry and in their desperation were forced to…

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