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via French and Swiss police arrest 10 jihadis in counterterrorism raids

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Richard Radcliffe is doing everything in his power to free his wife, and everyone in his position would do the same. Tulip Siddiq took a very partisan tone in the Commons when she had a go at Boris today for his sloppy language a week ago in front of a Select Committee. Be in no…

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Their crime is that they pretended to be a family when one of the four won the Diversity Visa lottery! Before I give you the story, the first thing I thought of was the huge family reunification fraud revealed back in 2008 when the State Department shut down the so-called P-3 program when they found […]

via Wow! Justice Department looking at denaturalization process for 4 Somalis who lied! — Refugee Resettlement Watch

Russia & Bolshevism

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Meanwhile in occupied Crimea, Putin’s KGB/FSB successors honour tyrants Lenin and Stalin ahead of commemoration of Bolshevik Revolution. (via Oleg_Msk‏ @apollo_next – Крым. Реалии)

via Islam is Making Serious Advances in the Balkans By Pamela Geller