Sonny and Cher Read The Bible

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Sonny & Cher read the Bible

Stop Bolshevism

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Red hand bayonet


defend mossoul

Taking Back Death

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There has been much discussion, in the latter part of the last century, of our ‘denial of death’. But it would seem to me that the problem is deeper and more difficult. If it is true that Christ shows us what it is to be God in the way that he dies as a human being, then, quite simply, if we no longer ‘see’ death, we no longer see the face of God.

John Behr, “The Christian Art of Dying” in Sobornost, 35:1-2, 2013. 137.

The last issue of Sobornost contains a compelling essay by Father John Behr on the importance of taking back the Christian art of dying. Our culture’s denial of death is something that has been widely commented on, and something that I have become more aware of in recent years. This is not only related to becoming Orthodox (or, perhaps more broadly, engaging more seriously…

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Robert E. Lee

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Robert E. Lee.

More On Poverty

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“Fifteen percent of Americans still live in poverty, according to the official census poverty report for 2012, unchanged since the mid-1960s.  Liberals argue that we aren’t spending enough money on poverty-fighting programs but that’s not the problem.  In reality, we’re losing the war on poverty because we have forgotten the original goal, as LBJ stated it half a century ago: ‘to give our fellow citizens a fair chance to develop their own capacities.’ Ed Morrissey

“The federal government currently runs more than 80 means-tested welfare programs that provide cash, food, housing, medical care and targeted social service to poor and low income Americans.  Government spent $916 billion on these programs in 2 012 alone, and roughly 100 million Americans received aid from at least one of them, at an average cost of $9,000 per recipient. (That figure doesn’t include Social Security or Medicare benefits.)” Ibid

War on Poverty hits 50

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No power on earth has a right to take our property from us without our consent.”—John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States

“How ‘secure’ do our homes remain if police, armed with no warrant, can pound on doors at will and … forcibly enter?”—Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the lone dissenter in Kentucky v. King

If the government can tell you what you can and cannot do within the privacy of your home, whether it relates to what you eat, what you smoke or whom you love, you no longer have any rights whatsoever within your home.

If government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property. If school…

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Captagon trade generates hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues in Syria, while the drug itself helps combatants weather grueling battles.

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Sacred Sunday

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Originally posted on Crash Course:

December 8th’s Sacred Sunday was completely on Twitter and illustrated early Christian churches and murals in various cities in Turkey.

On December 29th, Sacred Sunday returns to Crash Course with 11th Century Italian murals. Here’s a quick peek ahead:

05formis (1)

Christ in Majesty
c. 1080
Sant’Angelo, Formis
Byzantine art served as a source of inspiration for a long time for many artists in the most diverse manner, in terms of both formal style and subject manner. The main subject of Romanesque painting, the depiction of Christ in Majesty has Byzantine origin. The fresco in Formis, probably painted by a master from Constantinople, follows Byzantine traditions.

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